List of Ideas for Social Posts

1) Name three books that influenced you as a writer and tell us about your life when you read them. 

2) Provide a famous quote that means something to you and tell us a bit about why. 

3) What is your favorite fantasy movie of all time and give us a bit of the backstory about why you loved it. 

4) Picture of the most unusual thing that has ever inspired a story and tell us a bit about it.

5) What is your best advice for young writers?

6) Share an excerpt from one of your published works. Provide picture of cover and link.

7) Share a flash fiction story (no more than 1000 words). Please provide picture, or ask editor to help you find one. Pictures are incredibly important to help readers find your work.

8) Make a playlist for writing and share it.

9) Make a playlist your character would listen to.

10) Promote your favorite charity.

11) Show a picture of your pet, favorite spot, or other personal information. Reminder, this information is intended for the public, so be aware of that before sending pictures. 

12) Share an upcoming event you are attending. (Should be writing / career based or something like a Comicon that will interest readers)

13) Share an upcoming release. 

14) Link to your blog. 

15) Post a picture of where you write with a funny quip. 

16) Post a picture and let the readers caption it.