Grumpy Old Gods Volume 1 Cover Reveal & Authors! #anthology #amwriting

Cover Reveal and the Authors of Grumpy 1

The final cover of Grumpy Old Gods Volume 1 is featured above designed by Vanessa Wells.

We loved the cartoon characters that were featured on the mock cover we originally posted, because the cartoons were a big part of the inspiration for us.

However after testing several version we decided on this one. It still features a cartoon image, but has a more elegant feel to it. We hope you like it.

Announcing Grumpy Old Gods Vol. 1 Authors

We had such an awesome response to the Grumpy Old Gods anthology that we have decided to create a volume two. We had over 100 submissions and only 11 slots, so it was a tight competition, but so many good stories.

Learn about Grumpy 2 Call for Submissions at this link.

It was so tough deciding which stories made the final cut. We had to extend the notification date another week to give us more time to decide. In the end, we focused on the stories we felt were the closest fit to the anthology theme, and resonated the strongest with us. So…

The final 11 authors, no particular order, selected for Grumpy Volume 1 are:

  1. Katharina Gerlach
  2. Avery Vanderlyle
  3. Wendy Smyer Yu
  4. Vanessa Finaughty
  5. Elizabeth McCleary
  6. Ronel Janse van Vuuren
  7. Tom Vetter
  8. Shawn Klimek
  9. Andrew Dunlop
  10. Elizabeth Shaffer
  11. Marshall J Moore

Congratulations Grumpy 1 Authors, you’re in!

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