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Meet The Author of God of Morning

God of Morning by Elizabeth McCleary: When Morrow, god of morning is informed he is in danger of losing his position to Chaos god of well…chaos, he has to pull himself out of his recent funk and find joy in the morning once more.

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Grumpy Old Gods Volume 1

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Elizabeth McCleary

Elizabeth McCleary

I am a writer, general creative sort, and all-around dork who loves books, animals, chocolate, and the beach.

My genre, if I’m pushed to pick only one, leans towards fantasy, though I’m also drawn to light sci-fi, or anything laced with a bit of magical realism.  I enjoy writing young adult fiction – I don’t think a story has to be overly complex to be worth reading – but I won’t necessarily limit myself to writing for teens and young adults. I like humor, light, color, and the triumph of good over evil (but only after a considerable amount of stress and aggravation to make things interesting, of course). Generally speaking, I strive to see the good in the world, the magical in the mundane, the light in the darkness, and the transcendent in the ordinary.

A Californian at heart, I currently reside in North Texas with one husband, two grown children, and a neurotic dog

You can connect with Elizabeth on her website, Facebook, Twitter

We gave the authors several questions they could answer and this is one of the questions Elizabeth answered for us.

What is your favorite fantasy movie of all time and give us a bit of the backstory about why you loved it.

My favorite fantasy movie is probably Labyrinth. David Bowie is the Goblin King and, at the unwitting request of our heroine, Sarah, he steals a baby. Sarah has thirteen hours to find her way to the center of the Labyrinth, make her way through the goblin city, and get her brother back from the Goblin King.

The reasons I liked this movie on first pass were pretty simple. David Bowie. Good music. Clever writing. I was young and looking to be entertained, and this movie did a good job of that.

But the reason this is one of my all-time-favorite movies in any genre is because it does what it tried to do in an absolutely perfect way. Each of the characters are sympathetic—even the ones you don’t actually like. And every single one of them is the hero of their own story. They all have desires. They all grow and change. But each of those stories does excellent service to the main plot of Sarah searching for her missing brother.

Furthermore, the plot is full of conflict—everything from ticking-clock suspense, to a raging (and outrageously funny!) battle through the goblin city, to the near-heartbreak of a villain who merely wants someone to which he can pass his legacy.

And let’s not forget the visual aspects of this movie. It’s a feast for the eyes, combining a cartoonish/comic book feel with the magic of Jim Henson’s creature shop.

In short, I found everything about this movie utterly delightful! It was true 33 years ago when this movie first hit the theaters, and it’s still true today. I will watch this movie at any opportunity with anyone willing to watch it with me.

Elizabeth McCleary  Meet The Authors

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What happens when gods wane, retire, or just decide they need a change of employment? 

13 writers took up the challenge and let their imaginations run wild in this anthology that is nearly-always amusing, somewhat insightful, and completely irreverent as we imagine the gods of yore in retirement. Volume 1 Available for PreOrderNow!

13 days of fun as we meet the authors of Grumpy Old Gods Volume 1 releasing March 30th, 2019.

Elizabeth McCleary  Meet The Authors

Grumpy Old Gods Anthology Volume 2 
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We are adding an author a day to this meet the author series starting March 23-April 4th as a kick off to our launch. Grumpy Old Gods vol. 1 releasing March 30th. So be sure to check back and read about the other authors too. We have all kinds of surprises that show up randomly. Don’t miss them. You can read about the other authors HERE.

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