Dear Writers: Call for Submission Opportunity #anthology #amwriting


We wanted to give you a heads up that another publisher is putting out a couple of anthologies.

Is this weird behavior?  Well…maybe.  But hear us out.

Storm Dance Publications (that’s us by the way) is a small press.  LaGrange is a small press.  Neither of us has the resources to gobble up every story in our paths. 

In the meantime…well, writers have to eat too. 

I’ve personally worked with Oren Litwin, the owner of Lagrange, on other projects, and he’s been both fair and honest (and he’s a pretty good editor too). 

We want to foster a community that takes care of each other and gives writers what they need to continue writing. 

That means that if we know of an opportunity that we aren’t affiliated with, we might pass it along. 

So, with no further caveats and as little gilding on the lily as I could manage:

Learn More Follow The Links:

Go here for details for:
Theme: Asteroids  – Genre: Science Fiction – March 1st Deadline

Go here for details for:
Theme: Family – Genre: Fantasy – March 1st Deadline

Also, some of you are already members, but if you aren’t, you should really consider joining the forums at

The forums are free (with the exception of work groups for the classes).   The people are great, and a lot of your fellow Grumpy Anthology writers are already members.  It’s a wonderful place to meet other writers, and to find opportunities to get your work in front of an audience.

Building bodies of work one short story at a time.

Vanessa Wells & Juneta Key