Submissions General Guidelines



Follow the link here:
Current Call for Submissions


Go to this link to learn about the Sherwood call.

Keep reading for GENERAL info on calls for submissions or just go to the current call link above to get SPECIFIC requirements about it.

LAST CALL FOR SUBMISSION GRUMPY OLD FAIRYTALES CLOSED: You can find the specifics of our open call for submissions Grumpy Old Fariytales HERE!

GENERAL SUBMISSION INFORMATION: For a specific call read current guidelines.

Always check specific themed anthology guidelines that you are submitting work to as some things vary anthology to anthology. Links to each themed anthology provided in the above list.

REQUIRED: Name & Author/Pen Name must be on all communications with Stormdance Publications.

Anthology (Title & Number (if applicable)–You Are Submitting To or Inquiring About) must be in the Subject Line of your email to be read.

Please include your NAME in your story byline and upper-righthand or upper-lefthand corner of each page of your manuscript submission.

If it is a series anthology makes sure you put the volume (e.g. 1, 2, 3) you are submitting for consideration. This helps us sort through our large volume of emails and find current submissions and other current correspondence. So PLEASE be specific to get noticed by labeling correctly and help keep things sorted so we see your submission.



What is Speculative Fiction? Well, Wikipedia says… “It encompasses the genres of science fiction, fantasy, science fantasy, horror, alternative history, and magic realism.”

WORDS: 3000-4000


Any sex, violence or foul language MUST be tastefully handled and necessary to the plot enhancing the story rather than distract. Excessive use will probably not fit with anthologies overall tone. NO Erotica.


Word Doc rich text format (rtf) or PDF (No Google Docs please, but we’re willing to work with you if you need to submit in a different format, just contact us!)

You must also submit a short bio and social links in a separate Word doc rich text format (RTF) or PDF from your story, at the time of submission, so we have them on hand if we accept your story. This speeds the process for the two of us saving us precious time. There lots of work to get an anthology out and promoted.


We’re asking for the exclusive rights to print/publish the stories in the anthology for the first year, but the writers will retain everything else.

This means the story accepted for publication cannot be published for a year after the anthology publication date and signing your contract by the author anywhere else, even on their blog, or by anyone else, until story rights revert back to the author after that first year.


May vary for each anthology. Currently, basic royalty split with authors in the anthology you are published in. See current anthology call for submission when available for details for that anthology, and if accepted your contract.


May vary for each anthology. Will be included in each call for submission. See current anthology call for submission


Vanessa Wells ~ Juneta Key ~ Vanessa Finaughy.


Juneta Key: You know her as one of the seven founders and a host of Storytime Quarterly Blog Hop, and one of the nine Admins of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group.  She is the author of several short stories and working on two paranormal series and a sci-fantasy space opera. The social media and website skills are strong with this one. Editor of three Grumpy Old Gods anthologies with more to come.

Vanessa Wells: Self-professed short story junkie, writer, and editor of anthologies. Storyteller, responsible for the Magus series, the Area 52 short story series, and the Topeka, Tx Chronical cozy mysteries. Editor of three Grumpy Old Gods anthologies with more to come.

Vanessa Finaughty: A talented editor and fantasy author joining the Stormdance team in July 2019. She has written or edited for magazines, national newspapers in South Africa, Oxford University Press Southern Africa and the International Trade Centre in Geneva, Switzerland, among others. Plus two Grumpy Old Gods anthologies with more to come.


Send social media posts, links, bios, photos in a Word doc/rich text format (RTF) attached in a separate email. Do not submit a required request in group emails. (See More detail about what is needed here and requirements)

All social media should be sent to first and secondary

If offered a contract plz ask for more details if you are unsure or confused.

DETAILS: Information you need to know and follow.

  • Must be your original work. You own ALL copyrights.
  • You own ALL copyrights–This includes any social posts you may submit. If you quote please give arbitration where it belongs. (Be aware of copyrights if you quote or use other material to supplement your post. )
  • Make sure to include your name in the byline and in the upper corner of each page after the first page.
  • We encourage creativity and imagination.
  • **If you submit your story to us please DO NOT submit elsewhere. No simultaneous submissions accepted. Allow 4-6 weeks to hear back from us. Normally it is sooner.
  • **If you have signed a contract you cannot submit the same story anywhere else for a full year. If you need to withdraw your story from consideration from anthology after submission, please notify us immediately in email with your name, and pen name if applicable, plus your story name you are asking to withdraw.
  • **Note** If your story is accepted for publication it cannot be published for a year after the anthology publication date when you sign your contract. It cannot be published on the authors’ blog or anywhere else, or by anyone else until story rights revert back to the author after that first year
  • Read what we are looking for in the specific anthology call for submission, if still unsure, email us.)
  • We prefer first-run rights, but we will consider reprints if the story is really good and fits the anthology theme.
  • No dual submissions. If you have submitted your piece to someone else do not submit to us.
  • You can submit more than one story to us for consideration in our anthology. (Limit 3 submissions)
  • If you have an idea you think fits the theme but is not outlined or a question about it email us.
  • Always check the submission guidelines for the SPECIFIC themed anthology you are interested in submitting your work for consideration. Each anthology guideline may have different or extra requirements than we have posted in this general submission article. You will find those on the main page and the specific anthology theme page under the menu heading Our Anthologies.