Canis Sapiens Book I is up for a Book Award, Support by Voting

Canis Sapiens Book I is up for a Book Award

Canis Sapiens Book I

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Canis Sapiens
Book I
The Dingo Factor

Canis sapiens. They are a species of shape-shifters, far removed from Homo sapiens on the evolutionary ladder. Facing extinction, their continued survival may rest in their being welcomed into human society. Enter Beverly Journal, a young, gung-ho, wannabe star reporter, whose induction into their world is as a victim, what they refer to as a “Dingo,” a human bitten by one of their kind to become that which the werewolf legend is based on. As she endures her initial month among them, awaiting that first dreaded full moon that will turn her into a raving, bloodthirsty monster, she learns that the hardest thing for her may be adhering to their golden rule and not falling in love with a fellow Dingo who helps her get through this horrifying experience…

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Canis Sapiens Book I is up for a Book Award, Support by Voting


Canis Sapiens Book I

Support & Vote For Author Anthony Regolino’s book cover for his first novel.

It is up for an AWARD at the Author Academy Awards. 

He needs your vote for his book cover. I have already voted. Here is how to offer support.

You can find his website and more about his book here.


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Go to the 4th page which is Fantasy Covers.

Scroll down. His book cover is the 39th book listed on that page“Canis Sapiens: The Dingo Factor” (Photo attached here of cover)

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Canis Sapiens Book I First Novel In Series

Canis Sapiens Book I

Writer/creator Anthony Regolino,

Spent years employed as an editor in the publishing industry before switching sides and becoming a published author himself.

His first published novel, Canis Sapiens Book One: The Dingo Factor, was released in February 2016, the first of a unique werewolf series that explores the creature’s life from the point-of-view of one of its victims. 

Visit Beverly’s Journal tab for an interactive experience that allows fans to correspond with the novel’s protagonist.

Information on his other works, including follow-up volumes in the series, can be found on his website, and behind-the-scenes (or inside-the-mind) of his creative endeavors will be explored on the Blog page.