Meet The Authors Grumpy Old Gods Volume 1

Meet the authors
Grumpy Old Gods
Volume 1
Authors in no particular order

  1. Ronel Janse van Vuuren
  2. Elizabeth Shaffer
  3. Vanessa Finaugthy
  4. Elizabeth McCleary
  5. Tom Vetter
  6. Wendy Smyer Yu
  7. Marshall J. Moore
  8. Vanessa Wells
  9. Avery Vanderlyle
  10. Katharina Gerlach
  11. Juneta Key
  12. Andrew Dunlop
  13. Shawn Klimek

We are adding an author a day to this meet the author series starting March 23-April 4th as a kick off to our launch.

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There are 13 authors, so be sure to check back each day and read about the other authors in this volume one anthology.

We have all kinds of surprises that show up randomly. Don’t miss them!

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What happens when gods wane, retire, or just decide they need a change of employment? 

13 writers took up the challenge and let their imaginations run wild in this anthology that is nearly-always amusing, somewhat insightful, and completely irreverent as we imagine the gods of yore in retirement. Volume 1 Available for 
Available at Amazon  Now!