We are two Indy authors in partnership to find and create quality, fun stories put together in themed anthologies while providing opportunity, guidance, and encouragement to our existing and new writers. 

We seek to find new talent, and guide them, while building a network of independent, but loosely aligned writers, artists, and publishers as a talent pool in order to promote one another’ work/projects. 

Dedicated to finding great speculative fiction & creating themed anthologies. We love the anti-hero, the mythological, fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal and more.

About Vanessa Wells: 

Vanessa Wells lives with her family deep in an enchanted forest (in Texas). Her hobbies include writing, drinking tea and coffee, reading, writing some more, and cooking. She battles daily infestations of plot bunnies…and dust bunnies, but that’s another matter entirely.

Vanessa is the author of the Seventeen Stones Trilogy and the Topeka, TX Chronicles, and the AREA 52 short 

About Juneta Key:  

Juneta is Texas born and raised, living in Central Florida–hanging out with pirates and playing with the dolphins.  

And in her spare time, she is a story spinner, tale weaver, fate-maker, world creator, mythology bender, star mapper, journey planner and fortune teller.

“The Force is strong with this one.”~Star Wars

Juneta writes SPECULATIVE FICTION. Fantasy with mythological elements, Sci-Fi Fantasy Adventure, a bit of Space Opera with a touch of mystery, romance, and paranormal hijinks. She is a big proponent of short stories through various venues. She often host Storytime Quarterly Blog Hop.